The dedicated servers below show the range of tasks our servers can solve. While in some cases one server is able to load even tremendous amount of traffic we strongly believe that multi-server configuration with each server given it's own role is the way to go, especially when it comes to fail-safe operation without a single point of failure. To get our insight on the server configuration for your specific tasks please request a quote in a Contact Us section of our website.

Primary roleConfigurationBandwidth allowancePrice
File Server Dell PowerEdge R210
Intel Quad Core X3440
2x500 GB SATA2
unmetered 100 Mbpsfrom $295/monthly
fully managed
While the server has a spectacular performance in any role it's geared to be a cost-effective file server being able to fill a 100 Mbps line. Using award-winning perfomance workhorse Nginx as a front-end server with custom built Apache/MySQL/PHP back-end gives an unparalleled performance in delivering both static and dynamic content.
Database Server HP ProLiant DL180
2x Intel Quad Core E5504
4x300 GB SAS 15k in RAID10
10 TBfrom $680/monthly
fully managed
Boasting a winning combination of super-fast 15k SAS disks in a fail-safe yet extremely fast RAID10 with two powerful quad core CPUs and 16 GB of RAM this server can handle an exceptionally heavy load common for large database servers.
Storage Monster Supermicro SC846TQ
Intel Quad Core Xeon L5410
24x2 TB SATA2 in RAID1
unmetered 1 Gbpsfrom $3700/monthly
fully managed
A server strong enough to host a multimedia site with a million of daily visitors. 24 TB of online storage in a fail-safe RAID1 served by a powerful Intel CPU with an unique 12 MB cache able to fill a whooping 1 Gbps line without any bandwidth restrictions.

The setup is free for all servers listed and is usually finalized in 5 business days.

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